Educational Offer



A good start, a better preparation



The Nursery for children from 0-3 year-olds uses the same projects that are already implemented in 3 to 6 year-olds, which provides consistency and continuity.

Our objectives take into account the learning of good habits; of important values and social skills; of different languages: verbal skills (Catalan, Spanish and English), physical skills (Psychomotricity, learning through movement), mathematical and artistic skills. As a characteristic of our school, we always work from an individual aspect. We respect  each child’s level of maturity and place great importance on communication between the school and the families of our children.




The school, a place to live and learn together



The main objective of our school is to ensure that our pupils come happily to school every day. It is for this reason that we place great importance on our pupils’ adjustment  to the centre at the beginning of each school year. In order to achieve a smooth adjustment  all our primary school teachers work hard from the start  putting into practice  habits and values that, with time, consolidate and ultimately make up our Educational Project.

In order to achieve a smooth adjustment, all our pre-school teachers work hard from the start putting into practice habits and values that, with time consolidate and ultimately make up our Educational Project.

Learning starts by building on students’ previous knowledge. Pupils learn in a global manner throughout the school year, working on reading and writing skills from the psycholinguistic approach investigated by Ana Teberosky and Emilia Ferreiro. Our pupils carry out different projects based on topics which are of interest to our pupils. Pupils will then have the opportunity to go on school trips as part of their project. All this takes place in a friendly atmosphere where they  can learn to talk, receive and offer help, and respect the school regulations regarding work and play.

Our teachers are dynamic educators who, through constant motivation, positive stimulation and individual attention achieve, with the help of our pupils’ families, an improvement in the pedagogic line.

Our school offer is ambitious and innovative. We specially place great importance on  English language acquisition and  on new technologies. The parents can choose the language they want their children to be taught in: Spanish, Catalan or English (with native speakers of English).




The global development of our pupils


Our objective at this stage is the gradual acquisition of knowledge, study methods and strategies, which will help our students to achieve a complete training and global development. Of course, we always pay close attention to diversity.

Our teachers and our administrative staff work together so that our pupils can excel academically and at the same time improve their autonomy and personal initiative, responsibility, effort and acquisition of values

At this stage, apart from the official curriculums we also carry out educational projects. They facilitate meaningful learning and our pupils become the protagonists of their learning

The learning of English that already started in infants becomes more important now as they start a new subject taught in this language, Science, which means a higher number of lessons. They begin when they are in their third year of primary education

Information Technology, Theatre and Visual Arts  are other fields in which we put a great emphasis. We use innovative, and more importantly, motivating methods.

This is also the stage which has a code of conduct that establishes the rights and duties of our pupils and the basic regulations in our school

Finally, The Drac Màgic (the most important school celebration), our school trips and excursions and visits to museums, exhibitions and cultural events complete our range of activities and resources that give our school an innovative and avant-garde status.



In search of their own identity; Learning to be independent


In ESO (Obligatory Secondary Education) we give our pupils the opportunity to begin new subjects, such as information Technology,  and The English Workshop. These subjects allow pupils to familiarize themselves with new technologies and use the English language. All students from the 1st to 4th year of ESO participate in a teaching project called, the English Festival, in which many varied activities are carried out.

During the 3rd and 4th year of ESO, the centre offers a wide range of optional subjects, according to the preferences and abilities of students. The current electives being taught are: French, German, Classical Culture and Botany




Solid preparation for higher education


The purpose of ‘Bachillerato’ is to provide our pupils with comprehensive education and intellectual and human training, as well as the knowledge, skills, competences and attitudes that will enable them to fulfil their social and work roles responsibly.

To achieve this, it is necessary to develop and strengthen the pupil’s personal initiative, autonomy, study habits and discipline, as these are essential for effective learning and are also a means of personal development.

‘Bachillerato’ consists of two academic years which are set out in three different branches, and are all taught in our school:

• Science and Technology

• Humanities and Social Sciences

• Arts: (Visual Arts, Design and Image)

From the school year 2013/14, Luis Vives School is the first centre in the Balearic Islands to offer a double major in French and Spanish ‘Bachillerato’ (Bachibac). This allows them to have a direct access to any of both university systems and other higher studies in both countries.

With this structure and our wide range of electives, our students are able to have further  studies in the direction of their choice.




Access to the best universities



Luís Vives School offers the possibility of doing  an International Curriculum, an additional academic training that offers an easier access to the best  European and American universities . This project consists in choosing, preparing and advising those students who have the right profile and have acquired the right competences.

Likewise, we also prepare our students to get the qualifications granted by the Alliance Française




Preparing to be the best professionals of the future


Professional Training is an educational branch which is currently in high demand because it adjusts the learning of knowledge and skills to the kind of jobs the students want to do. It is an investment into the future because there is a growing and very high demand from employers. It also facilitates access to more stable jobs and offers direct access to university if the students are interested in it.

Our school has launched its new offer of this educational branch with three courses of Professional training:

– Upper Grade in Medical Imaging Technologies

– Upper  formative grade course in pre-school education

– Intermediate Grade in Nursing Assistant Procedures

The methodology used by our team of teachers with a great experience in all these fields is flexible and open. It strengthens the use of the new technologies for communication, encourages the students to continue learning English, facilitates team work, enterprising spirit and initiative.

If you wish to obtain more information about the course in Professional Training, click on the link to each course

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