English Festival


The English Festival is a synonym of creative spirit, team work and use of English.


In 1983, the school department of modern languages organized this festival as a join celebration intended for students in the second stage of EGB, BUP and COU (twelve to eighteen-year olds) in order to highlight the idea that learning a modern language was the main objective. This is how the English Festival was born.

Students from 1st to 4th E.S.O. live the language and culture of English-speaking countries to the full for a few days. Everything must be expressed in English. All the activities take place in an atmosphere of great fun. Our students come up with ideas that exceed all predictions with their murals, performances, contests, etc. They are all different and amazing every year.



Today, the style of our school is reflected in the symbols involving these two big schools celebrations (The Drac Magic and the English Festival): team work, creative spirit, joint participation, fun and cordiality.



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