Drac Màgic




In November 1974 we conceived the idea of devoting one of the final days of the academic year to shaving the results of the pedagogical work undertaken in the classroom during the year, so that if each classes’ activity  could be projected to the outside for parents to see.




We believed that during the school year in each and everyone of our classroom, teachers and students did very interesting activities which were …. seen outside the classroom and would be very enriching’ in many aspects, to publicly show each of these individual abilities and bring them together collectives and show, which would illustrate all the students expresive and creative capacities. However, it could serve to show the students … the chance to see their own school from a different perspective to what they would see and a daily basic, and so all the build, classroom considers, and playground would become the stage of a great celebration and great relationship between teachers and students.


The first DRAC PARTY was held on 9th May, 1975 The result was an instant success much higher than expected. The press heard  highlighting the originality of the idea, and we all realized that our very … end of year school trademark celebrates had been born. A special celebration which in the future would characterize us as an institution with the figure of Drac (the magic dragon).

Since then, year after year, the end of school year show, gives us all spectators the chance to witness that creative absoluty is extraordinary when they are stimulated by the enthusiastic devotion and imagination of teachers and staff.


Since 1986-1987, the show has been hold …. the school in more open and …………. due to the age number of parents  and relations who come attend as spectators and indeed for the dynamic staying of the show itself.

Involving all students in Kindergarten and Elementary Education.

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