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The dining room plays an important role in the educational project of our school. We do not only want our pupils to have a correct, balanced and home-made diet; We also want them to incorporate a series of habits, attitudes and conduct rules, which we all must have at meals. To achieve our aim, our teachers and instructors help the children to incorporate these habits and good manners progressively. This task can only be effective if the same rules are applied at home.




The school has its own kitchen with a team of experienced professionals, who cook meals adapted to children. The dining room service for half-board students is organized according to the following criteria:


1.- nutritional,  balanced and  healthy

    • Quality home-made food, prepared in the school.
    • A variety of menus, nutritionally-balanced, and made paying attention to the calories and proteins the pupils need .


2.- Individual

    • Every pupil has individual attention adapted to his/her age.
    • In Infants, every table has an instructor and a waitress who help them.
    • From Primary Education up to Bachillerato, they have  teachers, teacher assitants and waitresses who help them



The aim is that every pupil assimilates a few habits and rules and gets accustomed to eating all kind of food·




Additional notes

  • The menu is prepared weekly (you can collect it at the reception desk of the school or look it up on the school website) .
  • Periodically a quality hygiene sanitation audit is made  *** FOOD SECURITY***
  • Preventitive  Measures against flu  A/H1N1
  • Balearic Islands Government Program ‘Food Pro-Fit.
  • Food Pro-Fit nutrition advice



  • monthly registration or for the whole school year .
  • daily registration.


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